• Powering Intelligent Sewers

    Our OneBox, powering Intelligent Sewers device provides water authorities with the ability to control and monitor Pressure Sewer Units, pumps and other remote assets from the office or smartphone...

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  • NuRON

    NuRON creates virtual water distribution networks for monitoring and improved understanding of what is happening in a defined network zone. Until now, this type of technology hadn't been possible at a...

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  • Powering Tank Talk

    OneBox, powering Tank Talk system automatically releases water, creates storage capacity and prevents overflow to storm water. With unique self-learning, Tank Talk takes the guesswork...

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What We Do

We look for the little things that bring big opportunities to life.

iota was established by South East Water to capture innovation from across the organisation, test and prove ideas and concepts and commercialise successful innovation and technology.

We have grown to offer a wide range of respected products, services and integrated solutions which assist utilities to:

  • More proactively monitor and control networks,
  • Plan and implement capital works projects, and
  • Efficiently manage works and field based activities

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No detail too small

Intelligent utility solutions

We dig deep, we look wide

Lone Worker

Unique technology

Real time monitoring & safety for your staff

Lone Worker is a new iPhone App designed as a workplace health and safety solution for all crews, workers and staff who may work alone.

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Online water & energy

Monitoring solution

Measuring environmental footprint is fast becoming a business necessity - that's why we've developed a solution that's better for business - best for environment. footprint is a complete online water and energy monitoring solution developed by iota, the commercial and innovative business arm of leading water authority South East Water.

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